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Before & After Photos 4

Richard Prado

Before 180 lbs
37 % Body Fat
After 155 lbs
20 % Body Fat

In only 3 months

M. Scott Perkle, MD, FACEP.

November 2001
Before 242 pounds
25% Body Fat
April 2002
After 195 pounds
13% Body Fat

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Sharon White

Before 200 pounds
44% Body Fat
High Blood Pressure Medication

After 135 pounds
21% Body Fat
Off Blood Pressure Medication

I began working with David DiPasquale four years ago. Following years of inactivity and careless eating habits, my weight has climbed to 200 lbs; my body fat was 44%; I was on blood pressure medicine; and I generally felt badly. David immediately reassured me that I could get my weight down, get the blood pressure under control without medication, and feel better in the process.

David gave me a complete nutritional and physical evaluation to determine where I needed to be. I began the diet and nutritional supplements immediately as well as weight training three times a week. This was a radical change for this couch potato!

Within one year, my weight was down to 135 lbs.; my body fat was 21%, I was able to discontinue the blood pressure medicine, I had a high energy level, and best of all, the range of motion comparable of a 30 year old (I am 60)! Presently, weight training sessions (which I love!) are five days a week and I have added massage to my routine. I still need David’s support to keep my discipline up, and I plan to continue to work with him.

Victor Giardino

Before 270 lbs
35% Body Fat

After 230 lbs
20% Body Fat

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. I struggled with weight loss for 28 years trying all kinds of diets and failed. Joined a local gym and even hired a personal trainer without success. You were recommended to me by another one of your clients. Since following your program I have lost body fat and weight and I no longer take any Cholesterol medication. My blood pressure medication has also been reduced. You are really #1 in your field and being a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and having on staff licensed nutritionist they don’t know nutrition like you. Thanks again, Vic.

Brett Sugarman

Before: 192 Lbs
28 % Body Fat
After: 175 Lbs
11% Body Fat


Tammy Carbone

Before 145 lbs
45 % Body Fat
After 125 lbs
28 % Body fat

I gave myself the most wonderful Birthday present last June, I “Got on Track” with David DiPasquale ” Doctor Dave”.
After years of running and aerobics, I had completely lost all motivation. I was 20lbs overweight, had a hiatal hernia, a stiff neck and felt very depressed. David helped me with my motivation problem. David did a complete nutrition and fitness evaluation on me. The results showed that my body fat was very high and that my nutrition plan was very deficient and repetitive which was causing me to feel bad as well as my appearance. I received a printed custom nutrition plan with a great variety of foods and suggested supplements. I also did weight training with David 2 to 3 times per week. I have lost 20 lbs and 17% of ugly body fat, my stiff neck is much better, my hiatal hernia disappeared and I am happy and energetic. I owe my new, improved lifestyle to David’s “Get on Track” Nutrition and Fitness Program and his expertise !

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