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About the Program

The Formula For Achieving The Ultimate Body!

David DiPasquale’s program starts with each client filling out a Health and Lifestyle History Questionnaire. Then each Client is weighed, Girth measurements are taken as well as their beginning photos, and a nine region skin fold body fat test is performed with Lange skin fold calipers. At this point, David and the client spend time setting up a desired weight and body fat percentage that will be attainable and within a healthy category based on their age and gender. A monthly projection Sheet is then created so the client knows what their fat loss and muscle gains should be.

David then spends time educating and motivating his clients on the do’s and don’ts to help create a safe and effective meal plan. The meal plan is designed to speed up metabolism by alternating between higher and lower calorie amounts as well as alternating the amounts and types of  Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. The individual meal plan is then created by the client as David coaches them with a large variety of foods to choose from. Each day the times of the meals and snacks are then created. (an additional food exchange  list is provided) . Suggested supplements and Cardiovascular Guidelines are discussed and placed into the printed custom dietary program. (Guaranteed to lose 10 lbs of  FAT  per month.) Each client then makes an appointment for their bi- weekly visits to be weighed and measured and most importantly coached on their success towards their personal goals. It is equally as important to keep your scheduled bi-biweekly appointments whether you have a good two weeks on the plan or not. Accountability is the key to success! The program is designed to educate and motivate and give the right support.

David works closely with local physicians and their patients who have weight and health challenges as well as Dade and Broward County City employees and Employees of Large and Small Corporations.

Whether you need only a roadmap and occasional checkups, or the discipline of a consistent, supervised program, David can create a customized approach that is best for you. Don’t delay Get-On-Track Today!

Program Steps

Your prescription for simultaneously losing body fat while preserving or increasing your lean muscle tissue enables you to notice a definite change in your physical appearance every 3-4 weeks guaranteed.

Without all five steps used simultaneously, you may not see favorable change.

Step 1 – Proper Weight Training Program- A pound of muscle burns between 50-75 calories per pound per day. A pound of fat, however, burns about 2-8 calories per pound per day. As you can see, the more muscle your body has in comparison to body fat, the faster your metabolism will be, and the more you will be able to eat without gaining fat in addition, weight training provides a 1-2 day after-burn effect (burning extra calories after exercise) whereas cardio only provides a 1-2 hour effect.

Step 2 – Proper Aerobic/Cardiovascular Program- Did you know that the type of cardio that you do and the intensity should be based on your individual goals? Proper aerobic activity is needed to increase your heart rate in order to mobilize the stored fat supplying the calories missing in your diet. However, this creates the need for more nutrients to perform the added exercise.The nutrients must come without the addition of calories (supplements) or else it may halt fat loss.

Step 3 – Proper Fat Decreasing Diet- A diet that alternates between higher and lower calorie amounts (Triple Drop). The higher days allow your metabolism to be sustained while the lower calorie amounts are below maintenance; creating a   need to use stored body fat for fuel. In addition, the nutrition program controls insulin and blood sugar; causing your body to bum stored fat while simultaneously controlling cravings, and lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, and usually blood pressure.

Step 4- Proper Supplementation- Vitamins and minerals work synergistically. Recently the AMA (American Medical Association) finally recommended the use of vitamins and supplements in accordance with proper diet for all individuals. There are many factors that can decrease the number of vitamins and minerals you get from food including, freshness, overcooking, pesticides, illness, smoking, over-farming of the soil, lack of exercise, and other factors. Supplementation can greatly improve health as well as give you the extra 25% you need when attempting to change your body.

Step 5 – Systematic Application- The body is a very adaptable machine. As the body changes and adapts, the program also must change. When all variables are properly controlled for the individual, genetic predisposition will determine the rate and amount of work needed to make this favorable change.
The above five prescriptions will allow you to simultaneously lose body fat while gaining lean muscle, therefore, favorably altering your body composition and metabolism. As stated before, your body adapts to all programs and will eventually plateau. It is extremely important that you constantly change your exercise program to avoid this. Also, your nutrition program will not cause positive change forever. Your body’s nutritional needs will change as your body composition changes, and therefore your diet must be altered.

Get-On-Track trainers want you to train smarter not harder. With personalized instruction, you will get the most out of the least amount of effort.

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