M. Scott Pirkle, MD,FACEP

M. Scott Pirkle, MD, FACEPMedical DirectorNorth Shore Medical Center1100 NW 95th StreetMiami, FL 33150scott.pirkle@tenethealth.comMarch 25, 2004 Facing my fortieth birthday, with a son less than two years old, a pregnant wife, a stressful job as the director of a busy inner-city emergency department and a schedule that at times defies belief, I performed a brutally honest self-assessment. I came to the conclusion that I was overweight, had no energy or time for meaningful exercise and basically was on a downhill slide into the type of irreparable health problems that I spent each day trying to correct in my patients. Enter David DiPasquale.I met David in November of 2001. At the time I weighed 245 Pounds and had a body fat percentage of 25%. After approximately one hour I left our meeting armed with a detailed diet and exercise plan and hopes for rejuvenation. As I write this letter, I weigh 195 pounds and have dropped my body fat to approximately 13%. I could never have accomplished this without the support and expertise David provided. He truly was the inspiration behind […]