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Before & After Photos 5

Joao Neto

Before 230 lbs
13% Body Fat

After 213 lbs
6% Body Fat


Harvey Cohen

Before 205 lbs
44 % Body Fat

After 170 lbs
28% Body Fat

As a traveling executive, for years I have been constantly entertaining colleagues and clients at the best restaurants in town without any concern for my health, weight, or heart. A year ago on St. Patrick’s Day, I woke up with symptoms of a heart attack. I spent two days in the hospital for every conceivable test my health plan would pay for. Luckily, I had not had a heart attack and the test results showed that my heart was in very good shape. My sister in NYC referred me to Dr. Dave because of the results he helped a colleague of hers in Ohio achieve.

A year later, I am 35 pounds lighter and have reduced my body fat composition by 12 percentage points. Everyone comments on how much better I look and I feel great. I gave away every single item in my wardrobe and replaced it with much more attractive clothing. My traveling routine now includes daily drop-ins to local gyms, discovering the fitness options at the various hotels I frequent, and making the correct dietary choices when dining and entertaining. I no longer drink, I earned a promotion and am moving to the beach, a lifelong dream. Dr. Dave quite literally saved my life and helped me focus on what’s important for me and those around me. THANKS DR. DAVE!!

Wade Wadick

April 2002
Before 205 pounds
23% Body Fat

July 2002
After 185 pounds
9% Body Fat

In only 3 months

Sean McNamara

Before: 200 Lbs
23 % Body Fat

After: 184 Lbs
14 % Body Fat


Richard Leonescu

Before 220 lbs
35% Body Fat
After 181 lbs
24% Body Fat

In only 3 months

What a difference Doctor Dave has made in my mental and physical outlook. After having my baby 19 months ago I began working out or should I say what I believed was working out, trying to get that tone back into my body. I did a lot of cardiovascular work trying to get rid of excess body fat. I was not getting the definition like I wanted, that’s when I began to train with The Miracle Worker himself “Doctor Dave”.

I look better now than I ever looked in my life I train with free weights and various types of machines, now I have the muscle tone and definition like I want. I’ve gained alot of knowledge and discipline.

I personally thank you Doctor Dave from the bottom of my heart. I feel better about myself and look terrific. I owe it all to my personal trainer, you……


Tina Beeson

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Dave DiPasquale as my personal trainer. As a physician, I was truly impressed with his knowledge of nutrition and physiology. He was able to place me on a well balanced program of diet and exercise which helped me reduce my percentage of body fat significantly within a mere four weeks. He is truly very knowledgeable, professional, and very motivational.

I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer for anyone looking to improve their general well being, and also, to increase their awareness of a healthy lifestyle. I highly commend him for the efforts that he has made at Scandinavia in working with myself and many others.


Tamara L. Bowman



Before getting into Body Building I was lifting weights for 6 years. Then I met Dave DiPasquale, Being that he was a competitive body builder and personal trainer, he got me interested in bodybuilding. I asked him him if he could train me so I could look good and have the body I was always looking for. He said he could help me if I was willing to follow everything he told me to do. I agreed, so he put me on a diet that was good for me, and he also put me through great workouts to really help improve my physique.

Dave got me into contest shape in 12 weeks, the diet was great, it didn’t wear me out, I still had lots of energy and felt great The first show I did was in Nov. 91′ The Palm Coast and I took 2nd place as a light weight at 158 pounds, I was 193 pounds when Dave put me on the diet, I was so happy to take 2nd place. Every show I did after that I put on more lean muscle mass and reduced even more body fat. This year I came back and took first place in 1992 Palm Coast bodybuilding championship Novice division and also the overall. If it weren’t for Dave I probably would have never achieved these goals. Dave is not just a great trainer but now a great friend.


Richard Posluszny

‘1992’ Mr. Palm Coast Novice Champion


From not eating properly and not exercising regularly, my weight rose to a whopping 190 lbs. in December, 1995. I began working with Dr. Dave in March, 1996 and in 10 weeks, my weight dropped to 159 ( 31 lbs.) I continued to “work the program” on my own and I am thrilled to report that as of Sept, 1996 I am 135 lbs. (55 lbs.) GOAL!! My Cholesterol is under 200′ a drop of 131 pts. and my Triglyceriaes also dropped 131 pts.! I am 24.7% Body Fat and measure 34-28-38 (35″). I AM A NEW WOMAN! I was wearing Size 14-16 – Now I am a Size 8 ! PLUS I have lean muscle I never had before so I look great! I lost an average of 12 lbs. a month in the early stages of Dr. Dave’s program!

Another amazing thing is that in March I was starting to experience “hot flashes” and an irregular cycle. Once I began the diet and exercise program, all that stopped! So, I feel I have reversed the “aging” process. (I am “49”!) I have even written and am preparing to give a Seminar on Nutrition, Health & Fitness based on my knowledge from Dr. Dave, my experience, and other books I have read!

I have no health problems! I never get sick! I teach 40 Piano students weekly and never “catch” anything they’re carrying! I know how to eat and enjoy my food! I know how to work out properly and I enjoy it! I have proven that Dr. Dave’s program works! A program of customized nutritional counseling, cardio and weight-resistance is far superior to any diet, the Food Pyramid, and just doing aerobics! My Medical Doctor wholeheartedly approves of Dr. Dave’s nutritional plan and is amazed at my results! My Cholesterol has never been this low – or in the healthy range! This is a scientific breakthrough!

Thank you, Dr. Dave, for all you have done to help me and others. You are truly an amazing person, dedicated and genuine! I wish you the very best in all your endeavours! God Bless You!



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