M. Scott Pirkle, MD,FACEP

M. Scott Pirkle, MD, FACEP
Medical Director
North Shore Medical Center
1100 NW 95th Street
Miami, FL 33150

March 25, 2004 Facing my fortieth birthday, with a son less than two years old, a pregnant wife, a stressful job as the director of a busy inner-city emergency department and a schedule that at times defies belief, I performed a brutally honest self-assessment. I came to the conclusion that I was overweight, had no energy or time for meaningful exercise and basically was on a downhill slide into the type of irreparable health problems that I spent each day trying to correct in my patients. Enter David DiPasquale.

I met David in November of 2001. At the time I weighed 245 Pounds and had a body fat percentage of 25%. After approximately one hour I left our meeting armed with a detailed diet and exercise plan and hopes for rejuvenation. As I write this letter, I weigh 195 pounds and have dropped my body fat to approximately 13%. I could never have accomplished this without the support and expertise David provided. He truly was the inspiration behind my transformation.

Realistically, as a physician, I should have known better than to let myself deteriorate physically. Eat less per meal, more frequently and exercise more. These are not difficult concepts to grasp. The reality is, that without the education and guidance that David provided, I would still be at least 245 pounds with just as high a body fat percentage. David has a fund of knowledge and enthusiasm for what he does that is unparalleled. Most important is his ability to translate that into a plan that is extremely to follow and shows immediate and longlasting results. He has changed my way of thinking about my caloric composition and intake.

He has given me a plan that I can adapt to my likes, dislikes and lifestyle. He has given me the tools for a dietary and lifestyle blueprint that I will be able to follow beyond his weight loss plan. I have become a walking advertisement for David and his program. I am none to happy to share my experience with others, including here, in hopes that those that may self assess will consider contacting David and allow him to work his magic with them.

M. Scott Pirkle, MD,FACEP