Thanks Dr. Dave for not only producing such wonderful results, but for teaching me a whole new way of life.
Cheryl B

When you're committed to a journey of a thousand miles, a few steps in the wrong direction can't possibly bring you down. But if you have no overall direction, each negative step can seem devastating.

If the little things are constantly bringing you down, that's a sign that the big things aren't compelling enough. If the minor annoyances seem like major setbacks, then work on looking beyond them.

There is some purpose that will lift you above whatever setbacks may come. There is some purpose that will compel you to a positive action,even when circumstances of the moment work against you.

There is some reason you want what you want. There is some desire that drives all your desires. Look beneath the surface of your day-to-day life and ask why?

 Dig deeply and discover the rich, special purpose that makes you who you are. Focus you attention on the goal of the journey.

 And you'll hardly even notice the detours along the way .