Since following your program I have lost body fat and weight and I no longer take any Cholesterol medication. My blood pressure medication has also been reduced.
Victor G

Inspiration. Webster calls it a high level of activity or feeling that causes one to take action. In your life, right now, what would you call it? Your fitness expectations, your workouts, your relationships or your career - would you call them inspirational?

Can you easily push yourself consistently to get the results you want? Or are you spurred on to great achievement when you are near special people and places?

Many people find it very difficult to push themselves to great achievement by themselves. Most people need that outside source of encouragement. That encouragement could come in the form of words. It could be something that was said to you or something that you said to others that caused a major rumble in your or someone else's life.

Words can be powerful motivators. Think of a chance remark you made to a friend, something you put out of your mind immediately. The next thing you know, your friend is telling you about his latest accomplishment, and how you inspired it. Our actions and words affect people in ways that we may never know. Yet it does take more than just words to inspire you to great heights. It takes being around people who are doing what you want to be doing. You must surround yourself with people who excel at the things you want to excel in. Seek these people out, associate with them and learn from them.

Can you hear yourself now? Why should I do that? I'll eventually get to where I want to be. I can do what they can do. I'll do it on my own. Get rid of the foolish pride. It tells you that you don't need anyone but yourself to accomplish your goals. When you refuse to learn from others, you close a BIG door to GREATER SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS.

With out the positive influence of others, you may seek the level of comfort in life that doesn't produce the GREAT RESULTS that you are capable of. Think back to a time when you were doing the same old exercises, the same old reps, you had a level of comfort, but you made no progress.