I am so happy with my appearance now and the amazing changes that have taken place in my body. With David's guidance and support, I went from being a "skinny fat" to a healthy and lean 16% body fat at the age of 47. I am so thankful to David for showing me the right way to achieve the body I want, and look forward to a healthy and lean body forever!
Susan S.

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This 31-day fitness and nutrition log is designed to help you keep track of your diet and training progress. The log is divided into five (5) sections. Fitness Assessment, Basic nutrition information, exercise illustrations, diet and exercise log and food composition chart. The first section contains a complete and comprehensive fitness profile test and guidelines. Including resting heart rate, blood pressure, girth measurements, skinfold measurements, body composition, aerobic capacity (sub VO2 max), muscular strength and endurance test and flexibility test. This fitness profiles data is a guideline to show overall improvements in all aspects of your health and fitness accomplishments. This is to help you set realistic health and fitness goals.

The next section deals with basic nutritional information. A clear understanding of the four basic components of nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, fats and water is essential to creating your own diet. Guidelines and food choices are given and a blank suggestive food plan is provided to help the trainee construct his or her own diet or a personal trainer can assist in this matter. This, along with cardiovascular workouts and weight training can only give optimum results. Keeping a log is critical to success. The log is set up to record your exact food intake along with how much cardiovascular work is being done and recording your weight training on a daily basis.

Each page (front and back) is one day. On the front of the page is your diet analysis sheet where you will log the foods you consume for that day. There is a food composition chart in the back of this book in alphabetical order. This will assist you in logging the composition of the foods, such as how many grams of fat, grams of carbohydrate, grams of protein and even the amount of calories that certain foods contain.

On the back of the analysis page is your exercise sheet. All exercises are listed under the name of the muscle you choose to train. Next to the name of the exercise is a reference number. This number is to be used in conjunction with the illustrations that are provided in the front of the book.

Certain exercises have a variation showing that particular exercise done on a machine as well as the free weights. Most gyms and health clubs have the same or similar machines. It is your choice when planning your workout whether you choose free weights or machines.

Next to the exercises you choose there are four boxes representing four sets. Each box is slashed in half, the top half is for logging the amount of repetitions, and the bottom half is for logging in the amount of weight.

Eat healthy low-fat foods; work out hard; and most of all, keep good records to monitor progress and achieve success.

This fitness and nutritional training log is intended to record your diet and training information. Keep in mind that exercise and nutritional needs vary from person to person, depending on age, sex, health status and individual variations. Before commencing any diet or exercise program, it is recommended that you consult a physician.


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  • Tracking Progress through Daily Logging of food consumed and exercise performed.

"Get-On-Track" is Your Road Map to an Easy and Simple understanding of a Fitness and Nutrition Program.

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